Geology of the Carter And Cascade Caves Area by Preston McGrain

This geology book is part of the series put out by the Kentucky Geological Survey in the 1950s and goes with Preston's statewide book.  The historical photos of the caves and landscape of Carter Caves State Resort Park, as well as the historic cave maps, are very interesting to me.  Preston goes into detail about the geology of the natural bridges, the caves and the rock formations above ground.  This book is 32 pages long and was originally published only eight years after the land was given to the state to make a state park.  That also attributes to the name of the book, stating Cascade Caves separately.  They were not included in the state park until five years after the publication of the book.

Geology of the Carter And Cascade Caves Area by Preston McGrain

A couple of notes that were interesting to me about this book.  Saltpetre Cave use to be open to public trips but has always been locked up when I have been to the park.  Preston describes the geological forces that created Box Canyon, which is a 90° corner in the sandstone cliffs that are located near Cascade Caves.  I have always found that formation and feature to be mind-boggling.  I have always enjoyed it and wondered about its formation.  Lastly, Preston mentions and includes on his map an overlook that was once at the park.  He mentions the fantastic view high above Tygart's Creek, that is "One of the more picturesque lookouts in this area..."  I would have loved to have seen that.  I am sure since it is not located on any park maps, it is either off limits now or overgrown, like so many overlooks in the state.

Like The Geological Story of Kentucky, I would recommend this short book if the price is right and you are interested in learning more about the geology of this fantastic natural wonder that is in our state.  Carter Caves was included in Willard Rouse Jillson's plea to the state legislature back in 1924.  He added it among the great places in the state that deserved State Park status.

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All included photographs for this review are of work owned and copyrighted to Preston McGrain.