Volume 6 by William H. Patrick

When Volume 6 came out in 2017, it was known for revealing the location of Sky View Arch, that had been lost to time, finally being rediscovered and documented.  This volume is noted for the fact that now over 600 arches have been documented by the author, Bill Patrick, in the 20-mile radius around Slade, Kentucky.  100 arches are again included in Volume 6, with quite a few that I have personally used the DVD to visit.

As the volumes keep coming out, I am amazed that Bill continues to find larger arches to be included in his volumes.  Volume 6 and 7 showcase this fact with Sky View, Golden Cathedral and the like.

Volume 6 is split into scenes/chapters in groups of 10.  As I've stated, I personally like the scene per arch, so I really don't like the 10 arches per scene situation in this volume.  

A nice bonus on this DVD is at the end.  There are a series of photographs of arches in the Red from Allen Dawson, who is a fantastic photographer and arch hunter himself.  It is a joy to watch and see his take on all the arches of the Red.

Since I have had several memorable days of hiking solely from this volume, I would definitely recommend it for your collection as a source for adventures.

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