Life has been pretty tragic for me, and hence no update since over 6 months ago.  This update would not be possible without Bill Fultz.  I have checked out and have done nothing for this update or the databases this year.  It is his passion and continued work that makes this database still something great and usable for you all while I heal.  So if you get a chance, let Bill know how awesome he is and thank him for his endless work on making this database greater, more accurate and correct, even in the face of hate from others.  Bill and I both believe in an open outdoors in Kentucky that is accessible for all Kentuckians, regardless of wealth, race, ethnicity, physical limitation, sexual preference, sexual identity, or even if you are a buckeye.  It is key for mental health and physical health, and we want Kentuckians to know how incredibly wealthy our state is with the beauty of the natural landscape.  We are known as a coal state, or bourbon, or horses.  People take for granted or just don't know that our state is full of natural wonders and we want you to enjoy them.  We hope this website, database and corresponding websites help you create an adventure close or far from home.

The arch database has been updated and it now has 2609 arches (2718 including false arches & small windows), 878 of which are on the maps.  There are also 683 possible arches or leads in the database.  Check them out on the Arches Map.

The waterfall database has been updated and now includes 1037 waterfalls, with 919 waterfalls on the map.  There are also 3 possible waterfalls or leads in the database.  Check them out on the Waterfall Map.

The overlook database has been updated and now includes 239 overlooks, with 238 overlooks on the map.  Check them out on the Landforms Map.  This is a huge thanks to Mike Hoffman for submitting so many to the database.  

You can check them all out on my favorite site feature, the Landform Map, which has everything on it!

If you know of something not on the map, something that is incorrect, or you have a picture to add to an existing landform, please SUBMIT HERE.